Secrets of the projection box


Gas Hall: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 
Sunday 24 April, 3.45pm 
A free event suitable for all ages


Hair in the gate. Cigarette burns. The Maltese Cross. Projectionists inhabit a parallel universe with its own lexicon and rituals. Last year we embarked on the Projection Project exploring different aspects of this world, and at this event we will share some of the stories, sights and sounds we’ve discovered.

Claire Jesson is interested in the projectionist as represented onscreen, and will be showing a selection of clips from different movies. Richard Wallace has travelled the country interviewing a range of film technicians about their work, while Michael Pigott has been capturing the unique auditory environment of the box. Finally, Alexa Raisbeck is a projectionist and artist who will be talking about how her work is informed by analogue film technologies.

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