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Two women projectionists training at the Entertainment National Service Association (E.N.S.A.) projection training school in 1942. Used with permission from Screen International.
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This cartoon published in Kinematograph Weekly on June 24 1915 addressed the impact of the shortage of male labour on the cinema experience. Used with permission from Screen International.

This short silent film from Huntley Archives shows wartime cinemagoers enjoying a film projected by a 'projectionette', a term used to describe women projectionists who filled the position of absent male workers during the Second World War.

Projectionist Florence Barton describes being recruited as a 'projectionette' during the Second World War after the male projectionists were called up.

Projectionist and cinema manager Phil Fawke describes working as a relief projectionist during the war, and being told to show edited versions of films during children's matinees.

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